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Visitation is Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Saturday - Sunday 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Visits are conducted through video only.
We offer 2 (20) minute visits per week.
  Visitor Rules
  1. Visits are conducted through video.
  2. Conversations may be recorded.
  3. We will offer two (2) twenty (20) minute visits per week.
  4. Only 4 people are allowed to visit at a time.
  5. No cell phones or cameras allowed.
  6. Visitors must show picture ID upon request.
  7. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  8. No food or drink may be brought in by visitors.
  9. No contact orders shall be enforced during visitation.
  10. No property may be left during visits on Saturday.
  11. Any visitor appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or any visitor who is loud or unruly will be asked to leave and may be arrested.
  12. No weapons concealed or otherwise.
  13. Inmates in isolation are only allowed visitation once a week.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change at the McCracken County Jail's discretion.


Permitted Items

  • The Jail may refuse any item if the inmate already has a sufficient amount of property or items that are not clean.
  • This is a tobacco free facility. Any unauthorized items (drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, weapons, etc.) brought into the Jail may constitute a crime and may be prosecuted.
  • Persons found to be leaving contraband for an inmate may be prosecuted.

These items must be mailed in from the manufacturer (Walmart, Amazon, Nike, ect.).

  • 5 pair of white socks (new unopened)
  • 5 sets of white cotton underwear
  • 2 sports bras white
  • 2 pair white or cream thermals

Inmates that wish to have shoes (Velcro or slip-ons) sent in must have them sent directly from the distributor/store. They must be black or white slip-ons or Velcro closure.



Commissary is held twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Money must be on the account by 12 on Sunday and Wednesday.
If an inmate owes money to the jail 1/2 of money deposited on the account will be applied to fees owed.
Money put on an account for commissary to be directed to a different inmate may be confiscated by the Jail.

If you wish to purchase a care pack for an inmate please go to www.MyCarePack.com to purchase.


If you wish to leave money for an inmate you must deposit the money in the Kiosk in the front lobby or Smart Deposit www.SmartDeposit.com or by phone 1-866-394-0490.

Medical Services


Housing Fees
  Bond Fee - $5
Booking Fees - $20
County Inmate fee - $20
Medical Fees
  County Inmates - 100% of actual costs to the Jail for any type of medical/mental health/ dental related services or prescriptions.
  State Inmates - 75% of actual costs to the Jail for any type of medical/mental health/ dental related services or prescriptions.
  Nurse Visits - Charges will be determined by medical staff or Jailer on a case by case basis.

Upon release any money on an inmate account will be applied to fees owed.

Inmates released from custody owing money may sign a billing agreement and pay accordingly or be subject to civil or contempt action.



  • Inmates participating in work release through District Court must have it approved by Court prior to being released for work.
  • Ample travel time each way, to and from work, will be allowed.
  • If you do not return from work on time your work release may be terminated.
  • If alcohol/drug use is detected work release may be terminated and you may be found in Contempt of Court.
  • Inmates who are on work release and are not at work may have their work release terminated.
  • Persons sentenced in District Court will be charged $20 for each day spent in jail. 
  • Inmates with work release must pay fees at the end of each week before being allowed release the next week.
  • Inmates are responsible for all medical, dental and prescription expenses.
  • Inmates with an unpaid balance upon release must make payment arrangements prior to release.
  • If Jail fees are not paid as arranged you may be found in Contempt of Court.
  • Meals are served at approximately 6:30am, 12:00pm and 6:30pm. People who arrive after this time will have to wait until the next meal is served.



All incoming inmate mail shall be Post Office approved postcard only. This policy is
necessary in an attempt to decrease the amount of contraband entering the Jail
through regular envelopes. The postcard incoming mail restriction does not apply to
the Courts, practicing attorneys, public officials or approved clergy.

No magazines or newspapers shall be mailed to or subscribed to for delivery to the jail.

Money received by the jail must be in the form of cash or money order. Money orders
must be made out to the McCracken County Jail and have the inmate’s name in the memo.
Money mailed in for placement on an inmate’s account must be in envelope by itself and
the envelope addressed to the McCracken County Jail c/o Inmate Accounts.

Inmate Phones


The McCracken County Jail and Workhouse use Combined Public Communications as their inmate phone service provider.  CPC offers collect calls, prepaid phone cards as well as prepaid accounts.

Phone cards are sold to inmates through their inmate accounts on Tuesdays only.  The money must be on the inmate account by 12:00pm on Tuesday in order to get a card. Cards are available for $10.

Phone cards can be purchased in the front vestibule of the jail at any time.  They are sold in $10 or $20 denominations. The machine does not make change.

Products Sold Description How to Purchase?
Direct Pay Call Time to 1 Phone # www.inmatesales.com
Kiosk in the Lobby
Calling Card Call Time to Any Phone # www.inmatesales.com
PIN Debit Call Time for Inmate's PIN www.inmatesales.com
Kiosk in the Lobby


  • Facility and Staff are NOT responsible for the Kiosk and they do NOT give out change
  • Calling card denominations
    • $10 & $20 Calling Cards are sold from 1-877-998-5678
  • Collect Calling - to receive collect calls, press 1 to accept the call & charges. If you cannot receive collect calls you must purchase Direct Pay, Calling Card, or PIN Debit Call Time. (cell phones, cable TV phone lines, or dial-tone resellers will not work.)
Direct Pay Rates
Local Calls $0.15/minute
Long Distance Calls $0.50/minute

Calling Card, PIN Debit Rates
Local Calls $0.25/minute
Long Distance Calls $0.50/minute
International Calls, Calling Card Only Start at $1.00/minute

Collect Call Types Collect Call Rates
Local Calls $2.50/call
Toll Calls $2.50 connect fee + $0.35/minute
Long Distance In State $2.50 connect fee + $0.35/minute
Long Distance Out of State $3.95 connect fee + $0.50/minute

Questions, Call CPC - 1-877-998-5678

Conversations may be recorded.

Wish to set up a prepaid account?

Contact CPC at 1-877-998-5678 or go to www.cpcjail.com



For victim notification services contact VINE at 1-800-511-1670.

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